Developments in the construction sector contribute to the economic development of itself and many other sectors. In parallel with the population growth and developing technology in the world and in our country, the production of housing and the construction of higher capacity transportation networks have increased and the need for the management of water resources, design, repair and construction of roads, bridges and other structures have increased. Therefore, more qualified construction technicians are needed in the construction sector. In this context, as a result of the 2-year training program in the construction department, we intend that our students, when they graduate, be aware of the developments in the sector, know the requirements of the profession, have sophisticated proficiency skills as a construction technician at international standards. During the training process, it is aimed to educate technical personnel who have the ability of preparing architectural and static projects, know the quantity survey and estimation, manage the works in construction and field site, and work within professional ethics. NOTE: Construction Technology program education and training activities are performed in our unit in the district of Sultanhanı. Accommodation needs of our students are fulfilled by Sultanhanı Municipality free of charge.

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